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Match Racing

Embark on thrilling match racing experiences with our expert crew led by Skipper Lennard Bal. Learn the ropes of competitive sailing while aiming for championship glory.



Explore our exciting calender for the 2024 for season and our plans for the years ahead.



Participate in prestigious European and World Match Racing Tour events guided by our skilled professionals. Compete against world-class sailors and test your mettle on the waters.

Our Unique Value

Experience top-tier training, expert guidance, and competitive opportunities that propel you towards sailing success.

Meet the Sailors

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced sailors, ensuring top-notch performance and strategic excellence in every race.

Global Competitions

We participate in renowned tournaments like the European Match Racing Tour and World Championships, providing a platform for unparalleled competition and growth in sailing.

Join the Winning Team

Take the first step towards a successful sailing journey by partnering with Team Lowlands Racing. Embark on a thrilling adventure today!

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